Friday, November 16, 2012

White Pines, Golden Beeches, Quiet Reflection

A brisk autumn afternoon with Julie and the boys in White Pines Nature Preserve...

This majestic white pine rises to greet the heavens on a ridge above Deep River, just beyond its confluence with the Rocky River. Joining it are dozens of magnificent beeches, radiant in their autumn  raiment of aurum.


Gold gives way to copper as leaves poise on the brink of fall...

Out in the open, the light dances duplicitously with water and sky at just the spot where the two rivers mingle.

Despite the chill, things are still hopping in the floodplain just above autumn's slow moving streams...

Bufo americanus isn't the only critter hopping today... There's fun for all down by the riverside!

A mirror-like calm provides a visual feast along this quiet stretch of the Rocky River,

and a grand old sycamore joins in quiet reflection on this pristine autumn afternoon.

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