Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome Back, Spring! Eastern Redbud and Carpenter Bees

As the boys and I wait at La Dolce Vita for Jules to arrive for dinner, hundreds of humming insect wings draw our attention to this visual feast. 

A single eastern redbud tree, perched unassumingly in the shadow of the railroad crossing at Charlotte and Chatham, appears to have attracted every bumblebee in Lee County. 

Literally immersed in the redbud's sweet nectar, the bees pay us no heed. When the warm evening breeze momentarily stirs them from their feasting, they drift dizzily up into the draft before diving down for another syrupy draught.

Spring has sprung. The trees and the bees declare it!

The redbuds have burst into bloom, and the leaves are not far behind. 

The carpenter bees have awakened from their winter slumber and will soon spawn the next generation.

Welcome back, Spring. Welcome back.

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