Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hoot Owl Sighting

Julie and I shared last night's journey home with a hoot owl. It stood stolidly in the grass by the roadside, seemingly oblivious to the steady line of traffic whizzing past. Apparently lost in thought, it held its ground long enough for us to reverse course and return with camera in hand. Owls are not particularly fast fliers, but this one had a pretty quick take-off...

Great horned, owl of crepuscular habit, most likely had paused to listen for prey in the tall grass at twilight. Rabbit or rat or vole, the pursued was granted temporary respite as our imminent approach prompted hoot owl to seek a safer perch. 

Immediately regretting our thoughtless interference with its pursuit of sustenance, we moved on, leaving owl to shake off her mold annoyance and return to the hunt. 

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