Saturday, September 7, 2013

If a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

how many words are a thousand pictures worth? How about ten thousand? 

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the folks here at Hoot Owl Karma have been perusing the past year's archives for pictures to display at the Lee County Fair. At the outset, the task sounded simple enough. Ten categories, ten pictures. Let's start with Birds, Wildfowl. I really liked that posts about birds on a wire. Yes! The cardinal against the blue sky was really cool!

But which cardinal? Oh, and won't every amateur photographer in Lee County come with a picture of a bright red cardinal? After all, it is the official state bird of NC... Can't you be a bit more original, Dad?

 Okay, how about some of the seabirds from Ft. Macon? What; this one? 
You can't even see its head!

How about Leroy's hummingbirds, then? They're pretty cool, aren't they? 
Dad, you need to recalibrate your cool meter. Everybody's seen hummingbirds at a feeder, and that's cool for about two minutes!

 Fine, how about the red-headed woodpeckers from Cartaret County? What, that blue sky thing again... every picture there will have a bright blue sky as a background. Be more creative, Dad!

And so it went, and so it goes. Perhaps we'll achieve consensus in time to prepare that one picture for display. If not, at least we've enjoyed reliving the stories in a year's worth of photo blogging; and we've been reminded, that for us, it really is about the words behind the pictures, the journey, the shared experiences...

That's good karma.


  1. Oh , l love them all.
    I spotted a cardinal bird at the zoo yesterday that was so fat that I doubt it could fly.
    Too much fried food maybe??
    The eating there must be too easy.
    I was sweetly buzzed by a hummingbird today while cutting back the flowers.
    Like I said, I love them all.

  2. Yet again, you done good. Very, very good.