Thursday, November 28, 2013


Possum problems again this morning. We get up on a chilly but glorious Thanksgiving morning only to find possums raiding the cat food bowl out back! Ever since we switched Seuss to this new high protein food, we just can't seem to keep the possums at bay. My field guide says that the Virginia Opossum can reach 10-15 pounds; but these appear to be a bit larger than that...
There was a time when banging on the cast iron skillet sent them shuffling back to the woods, but these days they don't pay it any mind. I generally enjoy seeing the wildlife around, but lately these guys have been uprooting the camellia bushes and scaring the neighbors' dogs. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Special thanks to Jay Randolph for this dramatic image of our dilemma. 

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