Friday, December 6, 2013

Rules of the Roost - Elbow Room

The utility poles near the entrance to our neighborhood are quite popular with the turkey vultures.

At times, dozens of these broad-winged carrion hawks can be seen resolutely circling the skies high above West Landing, like holiday shoppers at Crabtree Valley Mall waiting for a prime parking spot to be vacated. 

And when a space opens, the show begins. 

Apparently spacing is an issue.

Insufficient elbow room? 

Perhaps there are olfactory issues...

We can't say for sure.

Rules are rules, however, so something's got to give.

Which is the offending party?

Difficult to discern from this vantage point, 

but it appears the newcomer has prevailed. 

Or did our friend on the end simply spy a better spot up top?

Crisis averted for the moment,
clouds break apart in riotous celebration, as day casts forth the last of its light, 

transforming all the circling buzzards into roosters for the night. 

Thanks for sharing your buzzard pictures, Hunter Randolph.

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