Saturday, April 19, 2014

Passing through the Palmetto State

A brief foray into South Carolina was rewarded with some cool new experiences and a surprise visit with an old friend from Bath and his daughter. 
While touring Clemson with Jay, we were greeted on the steps of the campus visitors' center by this nesting American Robin.

We'd never seen a robin (or any other bird, for that matter) nesting in a palmetto before, but we're guessing that's just how they roll in the Palmetto State.

Bill still coated with red clay from foraging in the lawn out front, our feathered greeter appeared rather smug about its prime nesting site, particularly once the rain began in earnest and the frond above kept bird and the nest completely dry.

After an all-too-brief visit with Bill Zachman and his daughter, we set out for the Old North State in a steady drizzle, hoping to catch a few mountain wildflowers on Saturday before heading for home. If this stand of trillium on a roadside bank is any indication of what awaits, there's an exciting (and wet) day ahead for the Hoot Owl Karma clan...

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