Friday, March 27, 2015

Flying Fisher

Cousin Danny spent some time communing with the ospreys this week, 
and he was kind enough to freeze a few frames for his friends at Hoot Owl Karma. 

Raptor royalty, 
effortless flyer,
gliding majestically above the rushing waters, 
oblivious to the raucous mob of gulls so boorishly wheeling and reeling and diving 
and ceaselessly calling their coarse hellos.

Omniscient osprey, 
head on a swivel, 
ever vigilant, 

perceiving the most fleeting flash of scale or fin; 
wings gathered, frozen in flight,
defying gravity,

and then...

the dive!

Another thrilling finish;
one in a never-ending series of exhilarating encounters 
awaiting those with the will and the courage to take the plunge into the wild outside... 

Thanks for sharing, Danny!

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