Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pine Barrens Blues...

Remnants of the old forest still exist, 
here on the silent straw-strewn ridge,
ancient thick-skinned trunks blackened by last season's fire, 
perfect backdrop for the tender green buds of autumn gentian, Gentiana autumnalis.

The seeker might find solace in this singular place,
strolling in solitude among the stately pines and glorious herbs,

soothed by the sympathetic sighs of the forest giants,
ever-so-slightly under the influence 
of the cool autumn breeze, 

and the solitary blossoms of exquisite azure.

Solitude and silence
and breath-taking beauty
bring a measure of peace to the world-weary soul; 

here in the flickering shade of the pines,
where the pine-barren gentian gently unfurls in hues of heavenly blue.

Pinus palustris, 
scion of the Sandhills;

mighty longleaf,
noblest of the Southern trees;

born of poor sandy soil and daunting summer heat, 
scoured by flames of fire so wild, 
and watered at nature's whim,

sentinel species,

ruler of a precious and dwindling domain,

and here at their feet,

we pay homage

'long side the pine barrens blues...

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