Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Lilies and the Orchids

There's something about
the lilies and the orchids,
juxtaposed so jaunty and orange
against the commonest kind of roadside rabble...

Why do we seek them so zealously on an August afternoon,
leaving supper not yet cooked and lawn un-mowed
lest the sun should set on our yearning?

It's not as though they're hiding;
they appear each year,
regular as clockwork,

where the soil, just so, 
and sunlight, just right,

make their annual appearance 
something of a foregone conclusion.

The particulars,
they vary,

depending upon the time and date of our arrival.

Perhaps others will be in attendance, 
or predators,
or any number of folks.

Perhaps they come to see 

the lilies and the orchids.

Or, perhaps,
like we,
they're just part of the common roadside rabble...

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