Saturday, December 8, 2012

Going Green; Cold-blooded Chameleon

With the advent of winter, reptiles tend to make themselves scarce, even along the relatively temperate 35th parallel. This clever Carolina anole not only found enough warmth to venture forth, it even located a proper canvas for going green during a generally brown season in central Carolina.

A favorite science teacher would likely amend the title of this post with the much more appropriate and accurate ectothermic, as "cold" is such a relative term, and this amazing animal is able to regulate its body temperature by basking in the glow of a rather effective external heat source.

Whether this brief foray is solely about le soleil remains to be seen.

Perhaps the warmth will entice another ectotherm or two to brave the winter chill this afternoon.

If so, at least one little green garbed watcher awaits...

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  1. Great photos, we have them here in Florida and they like to rest on the windows or concrete in winter.