Sunday, December 16, 2012

Web of Life

Fall's first "hard" frost is history, but here in the Carolinas, winter has yet to gain full sway. Thunder rocked the night just ended, and the atmospheric clash of titans yielded much-needed moisture here below.

The frost has claimed our intrepid orb-weaver, but her trap lingers on, entangling dozens of  dripping fugitives from the tumult on high. Life-giving water, poised among the fruit-filled branches.

On the very eve of winter's deep slumber, nature hints at what's to come. Winter shall have her turn, but spring awaits...

Water. Seeds. 
Beautiful. Delicate. 
Vital strands in life's tenacious web.


  1. These are photographic wonders that the living me manages to walk past in complete and terrible ignorance as I bustle about my day. I'm glad you have the good sense to capture these morsels of beauty.

  2. I'll likely meet my end blindly back-stepping into traffic while attempting to better frame some such photographic wonder, but in the meantime I'll continue to heed their call. Thanks for the feedback, my friend.