Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let It Snow...Winter Magic

Just hours after the warmest winter weekend in recent memory, forecasters began predicting frozen precipitation here in the heart of Carolina, prompting Hoot Owl Karma to tap the archives for scenes from winters past. 

On a normal day, this is the road to school; on a snow day this is the road to Wonderland...

Carolina's towering pines become icy sentinels, quietly complicit in the mysteries unfolding beneath their bended boughs...

In the silence of the wood, leafless, lifeless limbs erupt with sparkling blossoms beneath the magic powder...

Each icy flake a masterpiece, nature releases a million miniature designs at once; blanketing the brittle branches. Gently, gradually, the branches blossom. Many an astonished winter traveler has nodded assent at the aptly named Witch Hazel when confronted by such an incongruous sight. 

Magic?  I wonder.

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