Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mockingbird Song

The Northern Mockingbird is a year-round resident throughout the US. Mimus polyglottos famously mimics the sounds of others; countless birds, of course, but frogs, dogs, people and even machines often pepper the repertoire as well. 

Thorns are no deterrent on a chilly January morn, as an abundance of ruby-hued winter fruit garner the attention of this ubiquitous suburban resident. But an intruder competes for her attention this morning.

Harper Lee's classic symbol of innocence rarely offends, except perhaps when a hopeful bachelor croons incessantly outside the window in the wee morning hours of springtime. 

But spring this isn't, and sing she doesn't, for the moment.

Eyes meet in silent contemplation. Just a glance. Then a pause... the gaze lingers.

A few earnest notes, and the spell is broken.

A nod. A parting glance. 

Sweet melody; but I couldn't quite make out the lyrics.

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