Monday, February 17, 2014

Murder, Exaltation, Parliament, Quarrel or Raft?

None of the above. 

A group of gulls is simply a flock.

Crowds of crows and larks and owls and sparrows and ducks may have more exotic brands, but when it comes to the controlled chaos that is a fast flying, free wheeling, fun loving, food chasing flock, gulls more than hold their own with any of the other feathered fauna.

Hunter's lens captured these brilliant aerial acrobats in action over the icy pond at Sanford's Riverbirch Shopping Center.

Frozen mid-flap, these raucous mavericks reveal a startling symmetry;

seemingly chaotic near misses become cleverly coordinated maneuvers.

Alike in altitude, direction, speed; these birds of a feather are masters of flocking together.

Each, however, maintains a degree of separation from its neighbors; 

aloft in the clouds,

alone in the crowd.

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