Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Sun-Drenched Wings...

High on the massive rock-strewn face of the dam, turkey vulture shuffles its lanky frame on the head of a rusty pipe.


Waiting as the damp and chill of darkness redouble their retreat.
Watching as light and warmth wink playfully from the depths of the riparian forest at its feet.

At long last, the sun's steady gaze elicits an instinctive response, millions of years in the making. No thought required; back turning, muscles flexing, feathers spreading, blood flowing, buzzard embraces the revivifying rays.





Away, my awe-inspiring flyer; 
gravity has no hold on you. 
Away to join that blazing star 
in its journey across the blue.

While I, with feet like stones on the rocky shore,
Watch in wingless wonder as you soar.

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