Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rocky River Green Snake

Keen eyes abound along the Rocky River in Chatham County.  

Gawkers of every ilk line the avenue carved by this ancient stream. 
Some watch for prey, while others watch for play.

And the most prudent wish to see without being seen, hence the clever cloak of green.

Once discovered, however, it's time to leave, and our little friend wastes no time departing in search of another more secluded perch.

Jay spotted this rough green snake, Opheodrys aestivus, basking in the rocks alongside Rocky River during our weekend excursion to the Triangle Land Conservancy's Woods Mill Bend property in Chatham County. This is prime habitat for this reclusive but fairly common reptile, which preys upon spiders and insects from the cover of the vines along the river. 
On a very warm (hot!) late spring afternoon, the shady riverbank felt more like heart of the Blue Ridge than the piedmont, and we were glad we stumbled across this wonderful little retreat on 

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