Friday, June 20, 2014


Security takes as many forms as anything else
natural, man-made, just by chance
objects, abilities, locations, and luck
just a little illumination to show you what's out there
or horns to ensure a good mate 

The glint of our grandparents' security light has illuminated many not-so-threatening beings, the most recent of which being this charming beetle. This particular bug belongs to a species known to the scientific community as Strategus antaeus and to the larger community as "that three-horned triceratops beetle thing".

The flash
Ensuring that perfect picture
In spite of the time on Nature's watch

Sitting still
watching, waiting
not recognizing the click of a flash
but understanding what he must do

One toe, sharp as a knife
good for pine straw, 
but how about quartz?

He gave it a good shot, as my dad took a few good shots.

Millions of years
spacing, shape, and sharpness
never perfect, always working,
improving security.


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