Monday, August 6, 2012

Close Encounters

Agkistrodon contortrix...Copperhead!

Kill the beast!

Fighting instincts eons in the making and cultural constructs codified since Genesis,  a chill literally running up my spine... my soul proffers an alternative view, exchanging fear for awe, heart still racing...

Beautiful creature. 

Formidable hunter. 

Juvenile, as evidenced by its diminutive stature and greenish tail tip. Probably had its fill of grasshoppers or cicadas, just trying to keep a low profile and avoid detection by the neighbors. 

 Twenty years ago, this little corner of the universe belonged to his clan. Today, not so much.

Carefully corralled, conveyed a few miles farther out, given a few more years...perhaps.

Fare thee well?

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  1. hummm not one I want to see in my yard.

  2. In place of your kindness, I'd've been a killer. We should remember this the next time we catch up with one another.