Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Have You Noticed the Butter-Colored Flies?

                                    Animagus with a taste for Butter?
Zuni Harbinger of Sunny Weather?
Milk  Thief?
                                                                               Butter-coloured Fly?


Today the traveler spied two yellow butterflies. Ubiquitous August ephemera, flitting about unseen amidst the visual white noise of summer; brief lives passing unnoticed in the cacophony of color and shimmering heat waves of the highways and parking lots.

A thousand generations of cabbage whites and cloudless sulphurs have traversed this land; planting the seed of a thousand more among the radishes and clover.

Are there fewer this year than last, or haven't we noticed?

Butterfly link:http://www.ncmls.org/exhibits/magic-wings-butterfly-house

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