Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Watcher in the Kudzu

In the beginning, when kudzu first began its inexorable assault on the southern landscape, native arthropods jockeyed for position among the   acres and acres of huge green leaves. Lining up for a turn at the fragrant purple flowers. Seeking shelter in the cool depths of a veritable ocean of foliage.

Over time, a hierarchy was established.

At the apex, perching motionless, ever watchful,
watching and watching, and watching still...

with all eight eyes...

sporting an invisibility cloak perfectly suited for this emerald sea, the ruler of this domain,

the Green Lynx Spider.

Lynx. So named for the cat-like leap with which it so often ends its watching...

It is a fearsome predator, favoring bees and nectar-loving wasps, without regard for their pitiful stings.

The Kudzu kingdom has found its queen, an eight-legged one.

Wait... Is that a mockingbird I hear?!

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