Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Land's End at Day's End - Homeward Bound

At day's end, the travelers are homeward bound. Tired but cozy in the warm car, after a brisk afternoon of hiking in William B. Umstead State Park, Hunter and his lens braved the cold again to frame the perfect ending to a gorgeous day outdoors.

A relentless icy blast played havoc with his focus, uncontrollable shivers rocking his frame; but a little blur does nothing to diminish the remarkable palette of the sun's farewell. 

Land's end offers safety to a flock of seagulls as night hastens near, they too are homeward bound.

Thoughts turn to the wind-driven waves and the beings for whom the water itself is shelter, haven...

What of this spectacle penetrates the depths of their abode? Are they witness to the marvelous, moving sky?

Day's end at land's end... home, sweet home.

In response to numerous inquiries regarding our recent ode to birdwatching, there is a bird in the drab brown picture. A white-throated sparrow is visible peering from behind the dead branch directly in the center of the image (also contributed to Hoot Owl Karma courtesy of Hunter). 

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