Thursday, February 7, 2013

Possum by Porch Light - Two-Faced Tail Hanger

Pervasive, oddly amplified, disembodied growls fill the darkness; sourceless, ceaseless, emanating from everywhere and nowhere. Adrenaline surges, shouting flee, flee, flee!

Somehow reining in my cowardly instincts, I zero in on the location of the ferocious growler. Prepared for a quick retreat, I peer cautiously beneath the deck, expecting a rabid fox or wounded coyote to attack at any moment... 

Ferocious possum instead! Eyes lock, growls intensify, I flee, spontaneously!

Next night, same possum, change of venue. Not so ferocious by the front porch light.

Minus the growling, gaping and drooling, this little cat food bowl raider cuts a somewhat sympathetic if not downright cute and cuddly figure. Neither fight nor flight prevail this night. A brief commune, then the Virginia Opossum melts into the darkness, and I remain, reflecting, in the chilly porch light. Why so moody, marsupial?

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