Monday, September 10, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas - Never Wear Green After Labor Day!

For the fashion conscious in the rural American South, white is traditionally a summer color. Virtually every budding young Belle south of the Mason Dixon line has endured the admonition, "We never wear white after Labor Day!"

Labor Day has come and gone here in Carolina, and headlines throughout the region this morning celebrated the early arrival of fall, with highs predicted in the upper seventies (fahrenheit), and a glorious week of mild and sunny weather ahead.

But who needs a weather forecast? With the first cool nights of September, the sweet gum leaves tell the tale. Summer nears its end. And, as summer goes, so goes the green garb of the deciduous trees and the lush green herbs of the ditch bank and field. And so goes the advantage for the wearers of the green. Did someone say, "Never wear green after Labor Day?"

As with all traditions, there are the few, the bold, the non-conformists. Those who push the boundaries, who ignore the whispers and stares and proudly flaunt their individuality. In human society, these folk are often the avant-garde, the tradition changers, celebrated in retrospect for their courage and vision.

Nature will be the judge of our emerald friend's daring fall fashion decision. Here's hoping it's not too harsh...

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