Friday, September 7, 2012

Death in the Lettuce - Green Lynx Redux

Wild lettuce, mightiest of the forest giants! Towering above an understory of smaller weeds; flowers spent, almost completely gone to seed. Desiccated remnants of once radiant blossoms, swaying gently in a warm late-summer breeze, broadcasting next year's crop in the sunny spots at the feet of their brooding bark-bound brothers. A wily wasp surveys the terrain, seeking beetles or larvae to nourish its brood,...What!?   Has the Watcher  left the kudzu!?

Aerial ambush artist, green flanks emblazoned with the rosy red chevrons of a decorated arboreal assassin. This, too, is the she-lynx's domain.

Never let down your guard. In the wild and woolly world of the weeds, every leaf might be a mantis, every limb a lynx. Desperate places, where survival is the name of the game, and the next hand is already being dealt...

Ante up!

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