Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Owl Eyes - New Year's Surprise

A mile a minute's pretty fast, but Owl's eyes are faster. 

A screeching halt, quick turnaround, camera at the ready...

Piercing, perceptive, unwavering eyes; hypnotic even.

The boys take turns, a few quick shots, documentary, quick-before-it-flies!!!

Confidence growing, tentative step closer, just one more, then another...don't make a sound!

Don't make a sound?! 

Like it hasn't seen you already!

Alas, it's flown!

Just a slight adjustment; the better to see and not be seen...

60D and s4 cache their pixels, Owl blithely poses.

Once-in-a-lifetime encounter, owl eyes peer deeply...

Gaze averted, t'ward tomorrow? A new year beckons...

Hoot Owl Karma.


  1. Wonderful and incredible... what a happy happenstance and quick expert action by the young photography masters!

    1. Thanks Raymond. Powerful inspiration for budding photographers without a doubt...

  2. Amazing! Fantastic! Wow! Wow! Wow!